Sunday, September 27, 2015

Part 2: tips to improve teamwork

- Having the desire to improve your work, without disrespecting the opinion of the other members of the team.

- Having the ability to negotiate and/or give up, relationships are far more important than insignificant details. 

- Eliminating pedantry, arrogance and vanity

-Always use the magic words “Please”, “thank you”, “well done”, etc…

- Always have a good sense of humor, which helps alleviate stressful situations.

- Talking about things in a direct, transparent and unambiguous manner, yet be soft spoken and diplomatic. (Avoid gossip and “stabbing others in the back”).

- Favor unity, comradeship and inclusion of all the members of the team. This way, alienation or disintegration will not occur, neither the creation of “small groups” that would only “do/talk/live/watch out for or work for their own people”, which opposes the concept of being part of a team. (In professional environments, distancing or separation is unforgivable, however, in a private environments, to each his/her own…)

- Giving preference to the team’s common interests and professionalism in entrusted duties must come before our personal interests. Whoever gives preference to their selfish and individualistic interest within the working environment, ought best to resign and leave their job, so someone who is far more engaged and committed to the cause and project, which is the reason they are being paid for.

- Having a direct and positive attitude. Or like they say, “you may forgive an employee anything, because everything can be mended: ability, training and ignorance, but not forgive their attitude”.

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