Sunday, September 20, 2015

Preparing for GL

Another important responsibility of a GL teacher is to guide the students through the experience of active learning. This requires a clear communication of the teacher's intentions, a proper design of social skills and a constantly monitoring of the group's activities. The teacher should redefine his role and responsibility, but the teachers must do it as well. This transformation can't be done without preparation.
When preparing a group learning class, teachers can follow these steps (Johnson and Johnson, 1999):
Take decisions before giving instructions. Before each session: formulate your goals, decide the size of the teams, select a method to put the students into teams, decide the role each team member will have, arrange the classroom and organize the material needed by the teams to do the activities.
Explain the activity. In each session, explain to the students: the activity, elements that will be evaluated, behaviors expected to be present during class.
Supervise and intervene. While you're running the session, supervise each team and intervene whenever it's necessary in order to improve teamwork and to help them understand the content.

Evaluate. Evaluate the quantity and quality of the work that's been done. Ask the students to evaluate their team and to write an improvement plan.

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