Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Roles and responsibilities of the teachers and the students

An important part of the teacher's role is to balance lectures with team activities. In classrooms where GL is used, the teacher is not just someone who talks and provides information. The GL teacher is considered a facilitator or coach, a mentor or colleague, a guide and a research partner.
During the activities in GL classrooms, the teacher has to go from team to team, watching them interact, listening to conversations and intervening whenever it's necessary. The teacher has his eyes on the teams and makes suggestions about how to proceed or where to find information. To supervise the teams, the teacher can follow these steps (Johnson and Johnson, 1999):
Plan a route in the classroom and calculate how long it will take to watch each team in order to guarantee that all teams receive supervision during the session.
Use a formal record filled with observations of proper behaviors.
At the beginning, the teacher shouldn't try to count too many types of behaviors. He could focus on particular skills or he could simply keep a record of the people who talk in the group.

Add notes about the students' specific actions to these records.

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