Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Decalogue of teamwork

In my personal experience, working as a team is an art. It demands you to combine many factors, and make sure you involve all its members and participants. Additionally, in working environments, if where our personal interests prevail over the common interests and goals of a team, then it becomes a necessity to maintain good and healthy relationships with one another.

For me, the basis of teamwork lies in the attitude of the people involved. Infallible formulas do not exist when we study relationships, however, I have noticed that the following basic themes help maintain adequate relationships. All of them consist in having mutual respect for one another, thus becoming the indispensable basis for any successful and useful work processes.

The best teams I have worked with have some of the following characteristics:

- A profound and genuine respect for the opinions, contributions, work and interests of all the team members.

- An attitude of solidarity and mutual support in the tasks of those involved (this doesn’t mean indulgence or taking other tasks that aren’t yours, but rather helping a coworker when he/she is in need).

- Avoid having any sort of competition, self-comparison with others or have the desire to impose one’s vision onto others, including dismissing attitudes such as, “I and I alone know everything”.

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